Messe Stuttgart & ICS Congress Center Stuttgart

The trade fair centre of Stuttgart welcomes approximately 20,600 exhibitors, 1.27 million visitors and 67 events each year. It is just 200 metres from Mövenpick Hotel Stuttgart Airport, as well as from Stuttgart International Airport.

The current trade fair portfolio includes CMT - Europe’s largest public trade fair for tourism and leisure, R+T – a leading world trade fair for roller shutters, doors, gates and sun protectors, as well as Intergastra among others. Global Connect, VISION and DMS Expo are also present every year.

Find the event calendar for all trade fairs on the website.

  • 100,000 sqm space with multifunctional rooms
  • 40,000 sqm outdoor space
  • Capacity for 9,000 persons
  • 200 metres from the airport and hotel

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Messe Stuttgart & ICS Congress Center Stuttgart