Exploring Hanoi’s Old Quarter

Hanoi's Old Quarter, with over a thousand-year's history, and 36 streets each named after its traditional product, remains one of Vietnam's most lively and unusual places. A tour to this bustling local area is a must for those travelling to Hanoi for the first time since it is covered with stores selling almost everything that a visitor’s possibly in need of ranging from food, coffee to silk, embroidery and watches. In the Old Quarter, many of the streets were named after the crafts sold at that individual street. Pho Hang Be (Bamboo), Pho Hang Ma (Paper Product), Pho Hang Bac (Silver), Pho Hang Bun (Vermicelli), etc. are examples of the streets carrying the name of the products sold there.

  • Oldest district
  • Old buildings
  • Ancient houses
  • Lively and "chaotic" sidewalks