Things to do

Taba has a number of wonderful activities for the tourist who comes in search of adventure. Discover desert on jeep safaris, camel expeditions or quad bikes, arrange excursion to historical sightseeing (Mount Mousa, Colored Canyon, St Catherine’s Monastery, Pharaoh Island and Salah El Din Citadel) , explore underwater life, relax on the beach… there are so much things to do in Taba.

Water fun

Explore the Red Sea trough different water activities, go for diving or snorkeling and discover the beauty of underwater life or just lie down around one of our swimming pools or enjoy the warm sun on the beach while listening to the calming sound of nature and the sea.Don’t miss some water activities such as parasailing, waterskiing, banana boat and much more.

Adventure time

Who said that vacation in Taba is just for relaxation? Stay with us and go for a wonderful adventure to explore Taba surroundings as well as don’t miss a chance to visit Israel and Jordan.